Guangzhou LiLon Patent Search, offers a wide variety of patent search & watch services using official records and many other paper, electronic and on-line sources for local and overseas clients (Search strategies can be designed according to the client's own special needs).We also offer advice on all aspects of patents related matter.

Our trademark search services include availability, status, assignment and title.

All our patent search engineers have an educational background in science or engineering.

Lilon employs professionally trained searchers to search a wide variety of foreign and domestic databases,process and analyze patent,patent related documents,and perform patent mapping.Using its fully equipped search facility,Lilon provides reliable and up-to-date information in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We will,on request,provide clients with a fixed fee prior to undertaking any work.

We are interested in establishing partnerships and exchanging information with intellectual property agents all around the world.

In order to offer to our clients a worldwide service in the fields of intellectual property law we have access to a worldwide network of foreign associates. For example,we cooperate with law firms in the following countries:USA,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,Korea,the United Kingdom,Italy,Russia,Ukraine,Belarus,Mexico,Argentina,Brazil,etc.

We believe that offering a combination of quality services, timely and responsive customer support and good prices is where our company excels.We will work closely with you to offer quality services that specifically fit your needs and requirements.


We have 15 years experience of patent search



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